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Footy Mad
The Guardian
Accounts to June 2019
29/03/2020 - Make of them what you will. Someone cleverer than me will tell us what they mean. Debt's up though
There's money coming
21/03/2020 - Good work from the EFL, but they need to be a bit more forthcoming on contingency plans or some Expand
Newport highlights
11/03/2020 - A better performance against a poor Newport side. But why do we blow hot and cold? Sublime or Expand
Cambridge highlights
01/03/2020 - A win, and about time. I only listened, but it all sounded one-way until Lambe scored. Good win!.
Deckchair reunion
26/02/2020 - I loved that strip, why not bring it back next season, even as an away choice? Good event, if only Expand
New forward arrives, others out
01/02/2020 - Carroll and Elliott have gone, ending up at Stevenage and Dundee. This lad Patrick looks promising Expand
No Hope
23/01/2020 - He's gone to Swindon. Now their fans can experience the frustration that is Hallam Hope. Full of Expand
Branthwaite to Everton
13/01/2020 - And about time. Well done EWM, here's some money back. Thanks to the News and Star
Crewe highlights
02/01/2020 - Skip to the second half not avoid the horrorshow .
What's in your loft?
26/03/2020 - I've got a signed ball, but I suspect that's not what they're looking for. Anybody got owt?.
Sport v Coronavirus
16/03/2020 - Great article on the BBC site about how sport can help in times like these. Pity it can't happen - Expand
Colchester highlights
09/03/2020 - Let's face it, we were poor, nearly as bad as Cambridge. Beech surely knows that most of this lot Expand
Gray to Chester
28/02/2020 - On loan with a 24 hour recall clause. This has got to be a good idea to keep him fresh
Morecambe highlights
23/02/2020 - Stevenage keep losing, so it's just a case of getting to the end of the season and picking up Expand
We've signed a Guy
30/01/2020 - Some more hopeful signs at BP with 18 month deals for better players being offered. Or is it 18 Expand
Cardiff home highlights
16/01/2020 - A much better performance but it had better carry over into the league or we're in trouble. Right?.
New defender in
11/01/2020 - Big lad, and another "prospect". Interesting - an 18 month deal and we may have bought him. Now Expand
01/01/2020 - In. Another midfielder, what joy. Good luck to him though
Match report - Leyton Orient
22/03/2020 - Jon Colman strikes again. At least he went!.
Football finances with no football
14/03/2020 - Another stunning article from Jon Colman. I love the bit about Premiership responsibility
Dolly's off
04/03/2020 - He seems to have been with us forever but he's off to pastures new. Good luck to him, and to his Expand
McCarron's doing well
27/02/2020 - Shame we can't keep hold of players who are any good - do we have a sell-on? He's been noticed and Expand
Cheltenham highlights
13/02/2020 - Not good, but not bad either. We desperately need someone to get onto the end of balls put into Expand
Hope's replacement arrives
24/01/2020 - Not inspiring, but at his age he'll need a new contract so might be up for it. Is he fit though?.
Have you seen the Miller man?
15/01/2020 - New striker in. Abode seems to be making steady progress, so let's see if he can find the net for Expand
Cardiff report
05/01/2020 - .from one of their lot, very fair, comprehensive and well-written. True about the draw too
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